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Transmission Rebuild in Marietta We are Transmission Specialist located in Marietta, Georgia. Our technicians have over 20 years of experience.

A transmission rebuild is a long and laborious process. It requires disassembling the entire transmission, then replacing the parts that have been causing it to have a mechanical failure. Instead of replacing the whole transmission, owners only need to pay the cost of the part(s) and labor.

Before mechanics decide to rebuild a transmission, they usually check three different factors.

1. Transmission Fluid

Changing the fluid is generally the easiest and least costly route in Atlanta, Georgia.
Vehicle owners can avoid significant problems down the line by having their fluid topped off and replaced regularly.
Vehicles with low fluid can cause “stickier” shifting in their gears, which eventually leads to gears getting stuck.

2. Checking the Computer System

Mechanics check the system in the vehicle that controls automatic shifting next. If the computer in your vehicle isn’t reading the RPM correctly, it can cause “slipping and hard shifts.” Replacing the sensors is the second least costly route in Atlanta, Georgia.

If none of these previous steps repair the issue(s) your vehicle has been having, then its times to further inspect the engine. 

Your transmission's computer system may be the cause for your vehicles mechanical failure

3. Inspections in Marietta 

The final step before disassembling the transmission is for the mechanic to test drive the vehicle. Test driving the vehicle allows the technician to listen to the sounds and experience the problem(s) first hand. The mechanic will then inspect the engine and undercarriage to be sure the transmission is causing the problem. Once the decision to move forward has been made, the mechanic will take apart the transmission to rebuild. 

Transmission Rebuild

The process of a rebuild starts with every part of the transmission being taken apart, inspected, and cleaned. Outdated parts, such as seals and gaskets, are replaced. The transmission system is then tested, and the necessary repairs are made. So long as none of the serious components are broken or damaged, the transmission can be rebuilt and reinstalled into the engine. When you’re looking for a Shop to Repair your vehicle, hire the best Transmission Center in Marietta. 

We complete thorough inspections to determine the cause of your vehicle's issues before making any repair decision

Hire the Best Repair Shop in Atlanta 

Transmission Repairs are complex and can be difficult. Choosing the right mechanic is essential to the longevity of your vehicle’s transmission.
Trust your vehicle with a shop that has the experience and client reviews to vouch for work.

Crown Transmissions has been serving the Marietta community since 1995.
We are Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) Members, promoting professional Transmission Shops and protecting consumers from Non-expert Transmission Repair Centers.

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