Common Vehicle Problems Too Look Out For!

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What Are The Most Common Vehicle Problems After The Summer?

After the heat of the summer in Atlanta, many of us look forward to the cold weather that comes with winter. However, the onset of winter also means it’s likely time to have your vehicle inspected. After the heat, rain, and storms of summer, our vehicles often need fresh fluids, tire replacements, and more. Maintaining your vehicle after the summer season helps ensures your vehicles stay safe & reliable!

Vehicle Problems and how to prevent them with the help of crown transmissions in Atlanta georgiaRead our most basic indications of vehicle problems and how to prevent them this winter!

  • Have your battery tested ASAP! Cold weather can kill an old battery, make sure your battery has plenty of power, and keeping your car or truck in a garage also helps avoid it dying from the cold.
  • Top off your fluids! Remind your technician that you may need a fill up on your antifreeze, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, or that may even need an oil change when you have your vehicle inspected! 
  • Wash your vehicle to prevent dirt and material build-up on your car! Especially if you lay salt to melt the ice, chemicals like this can cause your tires, brakes, and more to decay. 
  • Check your tire pressure regularly and expect it to drop from the cold weather when you first leave your home. If the pressure doesn’t return to normal after driving for a few minutes then make sure to keep your tires inflated. Icy weather and under-inflated tires do not blend well!
  • Check your spark plugs, ignition components, and filters during the winter, these small components can lead to big problems when they need to be replaced. 

Need Your Vehicle Inspected?

Here at Crown Transmissions, we offer quality auto care and one of a kind service. We’ve served Atlanta for over 25 years and take pride in providing honest, hard work. Book your vehicles free diagnostic inspection today by calling us at 770-956-1344 or booking your appointment online! 

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