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Crown Transmissions
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by Shane Bourcier on Crown Transmissions

Macy is amazing when it comes to Transmission work they will be my go-to from now on! Thanks to Crown Transmissions for helping me with my Car Transmission Issue.

by Nadia Jackson on Crown Transmissions

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by Sir Cash Sum Izm on Crown Transmissions

They did an excellent job on my car. Very professional and I highly recommend them for any major transmission work.

by Ester Bishop on Crown Transmissions

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by Nick Monaco on Crown Transmissions

I took my 2008 Mazda Tribute here to have them check out a slip in my transmission. Macy, the owner, stayed later than he needed to to make sure I had everything in order with my car. He gave me a diagnosis and was very upfront with the cost to replace my transmission, all without charging me for the diagnosis. He treated me like family, and we even chatted a bit about cars. He did not make me feel pressured at all. Thank you, Macy.

by Janet Cagnazzo on Crown Transmissions

Thank you Macy for your 10 Star Service in repairing my 1997 VOLVO transmission! Hours were spent searching nationally for the part by you, myself and all the contacts within the VOLVO network. You went above/beyond to repair my car when you learned I was not financially able to purchase another car! You fixed it and it is running fine! More important than the repair was who you are as a "person". Your customers are more than a business transaction - they are people you genuinely are concerned about and give your 'best customer service one customer at a time'! You are my go to transmission service company and that of friends who may need your services! Thank you very much for caring while fixing my car. As Lucy from the cartoon Peanuts would say about one of its main characters..."You are a good man Charlie Brown"! Continued success.

by Mark Gaber on Crown Transmissions
Amazed again.

Our 16 year old Honda Accord needed transmission work, so I went to Crown because they did such an amazing job on our 1998 Ford Escort 5 years ago. It was great to see Macy again, and the repair was done in less than a week. When my wife drove the Honda again she said, "It feels like a new car!" You can't top that. Another amazing job.

by James pope on Crown Transmissions

Great work in a timely manner for a fair price.

by Clifford J. Hill Jr. on Crown Transmissions

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen please allow me to share with you my experience with the best and most respectful service provider, and the most professional business operator I have ever meet. During my personal automotive transmission problem, three month ago. I brought my vehicle to Macy with Crown Transmission, a 06 Lexus GS300 with a shifting problem, yes a somewhat ? command issue. Nevertheless, from the moment I spoke with Macy, I begin to feel optimistic that my problems might be over. Macy understood my transmission issue, and he also understood the unorthodox extended warranty industries method of attempting to provide little, or no coverage. Not only did he and his staff repair my vehicle, Macy provided storage for my vehicle until the extended coverage provider a portion of the cost factor. Macy also issue a small rental car reimbursement while weathered the storm. I encourage anyone with a transmission problem to contact Macy first, Crown Transmission Trust me. Thank you, Sir.

by David Scott on Crown Transmissions
Has your best interest in mind

Anytime a professional service provider suggest its not in your best interest to invest the cost of their fee's into your automobile in this instance, then you just know you are dealing with an extremely honest person who has your best interest in mind. That is exactly what Maycee at Crown Transmission did with me. I was on the fence trying to decide if I wanted to put $2300 into a vehicle worth about $3300 and I point blank asked him what he would do if it was his decision to make? I asked him to please treat me like his brother and that's exactly how I felt after our phone conversation was over. This man folks can be trusted, there is no doubt in my mind. No wonder with almost 100 plus reviews the guys avg is almost a perfect 5 stars. That tells me for every 100 people he makes 99 extremely happy. I'll take those odds with my life on the line much less a car repair. Maycee on behalf of Sue Ellen and her PT Cruiser, thank you sir, you are a very good man and it was a pleasure dealing with you and I'm proud to put my name on this review. David Scott

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