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Crown Transmissions & Automotive Repair Center is committed to providing important Vehicle Safety information to the Public! General Maintenance and Inspections for Your Engine and Other Vehicle Equipment.

Here are some Automotive Safety items you should check regularly:

  • Check all your exterior lights and replace burnt out bulbs/LEDs.  Don’t forget the tag lights, as Police Officers need to see your tag day and night and will give you a ticket if they can’t see it!
  • Examine all glass to ensure there are no cracks, chips or scratches.  This includes your rear and side view mirrors.
  • Check your windshield wipers, including the rear windshield wiper if you have one. Install new ones as needed.
  • Check your emergency brake to make sure it “holds” for vehicle safety  especially on hills.
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Ensure your seat belts are in good condition.  They should not be worn, frayed or have any other physical damage. (Seat Belt Law in Georgia). Check out for important driver safety and vehicle information.

Check the tread on your tires.  if the depth of the tread is less than 1/16″ you need a new tire. (it is not recommended to replace one tire a time but a minimum of two). Also, if you can see the “wear bars” (a raised bar between the raised part of the treads), the same goes.  Check for bulges or blisters, if the tires are worn replace them, it is not worth getting in to an accident. The recommended air pressure is on the side of the tire (in PSI – pounds per square inch), make sure the pressure is at the correct PSI (lbs per square inch)  Keep in mind that properly inflated tires will give you more MPG saving you $$. Visit the following site about tire safety.

Check the engine oil by the level on the dipstick.  The level should be between the 2 marks.  Make sure the engine is hot, turned off, with the oil having time to drain back in the the oil pan. If needed, add oil but DO NOT overfill! Come to Crown Transmissions for regular Maintenance.

Check the transmission oil by the level on the dipstick.  The level should be between the 2 marks.  Make sure the engine is hot.  The engine may need to be running or not running depending on the make and model.  For instance, Honda and Toyota sometimes requires the engine to be running when checking transmission oil level, some don’t.  Add oil if needed but DO NOT overfill!   Remember to use the correct type fluid.  For instance, Honda requires fluid especially made for their transmission systems. Again all part of regular maintenance and not expensive. Let the professionals take care of all your fluid changes and flushes.

Check the coolant in the radiator and the coolant reservoir. DANGER! Removing the radiator cap when the engine is hot may cause burns from steam or hot water! Remove the radiator cap (when the engine is cold and check it too) you should see coolant.  Check the reservoir, the coolant should be to the “Full” level.

Check the power steering system for obvious leaks and check the fluid level in the reservoir.  Remember to use the correct type fluid.  For instance, Honda requires fluid especially made for their system.

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Check the brake and clutch fluids.  Fill to the “Full” level as needed. CROWN TRANSMISSIONS CONDUCTS THESE SERVICES AT MINIMAL COST WITHOUT ADDED RISK! Brakes… if you hear a “grinding” or “squealing” noise, that usually means you need to have your brake pads or shoes replaced quickly.  Waiting may become a lot more expensive if the rotors and/or calipers need replacing in addition to the brake pads!

Perform a battery check.  Most batteries are “sealed” but some require that you keep the battery fluid to a certain level yourself.  If you need to fill the battery, only use distilled water and be careful NOT to allow the battery fluid to get on your skin; It is highly acidic and will cause burns.


Fan Belts and other type belts need to be inspected for wear.  What to look and listen for: A “chirping” or “screeching” noise indicates a problem.  The sounds could indicate a worn belt but also it could be the bearings in a pulley or the tensioner. Some older model cars and trucks have multiple belts so, if there are more belts, you have to have them all checked out.

Check your steering alignment and wheel balancing is important for keeping your car from drifting either off the road or onto oncoming traffic lanes!  It can also cause uneven tire wear causing you to change tires a lot more frequently than needed.  If your vehicle drifts or pulls you need to have it inspected for safety and potential service and repair needs by a professional, simply contact Crown Transmissions & Automotive Repair Center.

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