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Transmission Rebuild

The definition of a transmission rebuild standard would be the following:

  • All parts are inspected, disassembled and cleaned
  • All friction lined components replaced (Clutches and Bands)
  • All seals, gaskets, bushings, metal and/or Teflon© sealing rings replaced
  • A new or rebuilt torque converter is replaced with a new one
  • All electrical solenoids cleaned and tested or replaced
Marietta Transmission Rebuild

In addition to a standard rebuild, parts that can come with a high rate of failure, we upgrade to more durable parts. Often improved parts are available from our suppliers that specialize in transmission parts. Upon request we can install shift improvement kits to address various issues found with certain transmissions. Our Standard Coverage for transmission rebuild is 12 month /12,000 miles

Why Crown is different:

First we diagnose the root cause of the failure and correct it. Without correcting the root cause, repeat failure is likely. Maintenance, repair, replacement or rebuild, you will know why whatever is recommended is the best option for you. Most  re-manufactured transmissions do not have the most recent updates and up to spec parts, even if they were done a few months earlier.

Considering today’s transmissions are fully electronic, and all vehicle manufacturers put out new updates almost daily.
When rebuilding we will have the opportunity to apply and use the most recent update which makes a transmission function better and lasts much much longer.



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