Solving Transmission Problems With Crown Transmissions

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Solving Transmission Problems With Crown Transmissions

How We Differ From The Competition

Are you looking for an impressive transmission repair company in the Greater Atlanta Area? Crown Transmissions is based in Marietta, GA – just minutes from Atlanta – and adjacent to the Dobbins Air Reserve Base. We’ve been here since 1995 and we take great pride in our company.

As a sustaining member of the community, Crown Transmissions specializes in transmission repair, transmission rebuild, and regular transmission maintenance. We are members of ATRA and uphold the highest standards when it comes to our work.

Solving Transmission problems with the Help of Crown Transmissions in Atlanta Georgia

Back when vehicles were easier to understand and repair, transmission problems weren’t as alarming. If your transmission didn’t shift properly into gear, it was clear that you had a transmission problem. You visited a shop and, boom, the issue was resolved. You were back on the road in no time at all.

Unfortunately, times have changed. Today, when your transmission doesn’t shift properly into gear, you could find a number of things wrong that have nothing to do with your transmission at all. For example, if your converter clutch locks up and your car begins to lurch, you might assume you have a bad converter clutch. But, nowadays, it could also be a problem in the converter clutch solenoid or the solenoid control circuit causing it to open and close without warning. You could also be dealing with a bad spark plug.

How could a bad spark plug affect your converter clutch?

This situation is more common than you might think. When the computer within your vehicle applies the converter clutch, it sends out an air/fuel mixture because it assumes you are approaching cruise levels. Because the transmission is locked to the engine, the converter clutch increases the load on the engine, eliminating any cushion that might exist. If a spark plug is worn or damaged, an extra load like this – paired with the air/fuel mixture – can degrade the spark entirely and cause a misfire. You’ll feel this misfire throughout your vehicle since there is no cushion left between your transmission and your engine.

Handling Transmission Problems Today

This goes to show that, today, transmission problems are not always transmission problems. How can you be sure that you’ve diagnosed the problem properly?

The easiest way is to visit an expert repair shop like Crown Transmissions. We don’t mind if the problem doesn’t end up being related to your transmission. We just want a chance to diagnose it properly. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to fix your transmission at home with the aid of YouTube videos or tutorials. Vehicles have become too complex for home repairs – at least when it comes to your transmission. We are happy to offer a free consultation. And there are other benefits that come with visiting Crown Transmissions.

We offer free towing service within thirty-five miles of our shop!

Take advantage of a free car rental service, an interest-free payment plan, ongoing specials, and military/senior discounts. Feel free to ask about any of these special offers by calling our office at (770)-956-1344. We’ll be happy to provide free multi-check diagnostics and additional information about the state of your vehicle. Just visit our shop today!

Crown Transmissions Best Transmission Rebuild Shop SIGNS THAT YOU NEED TRANSMISSION REPAIR avoid transmission failure Transmission Diagnostics

An experienced technician will know where to look for problems. Technicians are equipped to pinpoint and isolate the root of transmission and other vehicle problems. This is why you should expect to pay for a full diagnosis. Often times, finding the source of a buck, slip, or shake is the most demanding part of the job. Once the faulty spark plug is found, for instance, replacing it is relatively easy. It doesn’t make sense to expect a knowledgeable technician to provide information and experience without being paid. Still, we provide multi-check diagnostics for our visitors to help you better understand your vehicle.

Our Company

Keep in mind that it helps to share with us everything you know about your vehicle – and what, exactly, you’ve been experiencing. If you bring the car into our shop and ask for a transmission repair, you may be paying for work you don’t actually need. Give our team an opportunity to diagnose the problem before suggesting a repair. You’ll save money, and time, in the long run – even if the problem is more extensive than you initially believed.

At Crown Transmissions, we only hire the best and brightest team members. Each of them is capable of giving an accurate diagnosis the first time around. We believe in superb, five-star customer service. Visit this link to learn what our clients have to say about us. We’ve listed two of our most recent reviews below.

Read Some of Our Reviews! 

Tiffany P: “Posting a review for a friend of mine that had his 2006 Nissan Maxima serviced. They replaced his valve body and motor mounts quickly and reliably. Car rides like brand new. He got his car back faster than expected with solid customer service throughout the whole process.”

Steffano: “If you are looking for honesty, this is the place! 5 stars is not enough. I came with my Land Rover Freelander with transmission problems I knew repair would be expensive even more than the car value itself but hereafter inspection was told that my car had several problems and will be way more expensive to fix it. I asked if it was better to buy a new car. The answer was yes! I know if you go to other places, they will try to fix it and charge you a lot of money. Here you will find honesty and great service. I will recommend this place to everyone I know!! Do not hesitate to come here!”



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