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Transmission Specialist in Marietta

Are you looking for a transmission specialist that makes you feel comfortable, safe, and valued? Are you nervous about taking your automatic transmission to a crowded, chain repair shop that won’t include you in the process or give you the necessary information regarding your vehicle’s transmission? Crown Transmissions can is your local Marietta answer to avoiding a chain repair shop.

Best Transmission Specialist-Transmission Specialist in Marietta- Transmission Repair in Greater Atlanta Area

When it comes to Auto Transmission diagnostics, you want to deal with an Auto Transmission Expert!
Most chain auto repair places often have no mechanic that specializes in transmission diagnostics or repair. This is why we hear so often that our client’s previous transmission repairs were timely and because shops charge for labor and research, unknowingly to them, more costly. Our team waste no time diagnosing and ordering the necessary part(s) to complete the repairs in a timely matter.
Many of our clients bring their vehicles to us because they know something is wrong with the transmission. In these cases, it is likely due to one of these five noticeable problems.

5 Common Signs of Transmission Problems

1. Transmission Fluid Color and Condition: noticeably dirty or burnt colloquial means it’s time to drain and replace the fluid. Checking the engine fluid is a pretty simple process that can be done before bringing your vehicle into a shop. 

Best Transmission Specialist-Transmission Specialist in Marietta- Transmission Repair in Greater Atlanta Area

2. Low Fluid Levels: when your fluid vehicles colloquial becomes low, some basic signs can indicate you need to add fluid. You will often notice that your vehicle will shake while driving it and the engine will have a hard time shifting (even with automatic transmissions).

3. Signs of Leaks: The most common places to find leaks are the seals, transmission lines, loose pans, or faulty gaskets. 

4. Overheating: Overheating can cause parts of the transmission to malfunction and will decrease the longevity of your transmission.

5. Transmission Slipping: If you step on the gas but find that you don’t accelerate or the engine revs., it’s time to bring your vehicle to a local Atlanta transmission shop.

Diagnosing from a Transmission Specialist 

For some motorist, diagnosing and repairing the transmission isn’t always as simple. Our transmission specialist will begin the process of diagnosing, usually by taking out and then taking apart the transmission. Taking apart the transmission allows our mechanics to determine whether the entire transmission needs replacement, or if your vehicle needs a few replacement parts. This is another reason why it’s so vital to hire a team of transmission experts. Many auto repair shops don’t have an in-depth knowledge of how a transmission can be repaired. Unfortunately for the unlucky motorist, this means many attempts at understanding what is causing the problem of the vehicle. This also means more money and more time without your vehicle.

Best Transmission Specialist-Transmission Specialist in Marietta- Transmission Repair in Greater Atlanta Area

Don’t waste your time hiring a chain auto shop or a shop that doesn’t specialize in transmissions. Save yourself the burden of less experienced mechanics and hire your local Marietta Transmission Specialist.

Contact us today to schedule your free transmission diagnostic. Follow us on Facebook to see all of our latest offers and tips on how to maintain your vehicles manual or automatic transmission.

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