What are the Signs for and Cost of Transmission Repairs?

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When is it take to take your vehicle in the shop for transmission repair? Read some of our tips about indications that your car is ready for transmission repairs, a rebuild, or a replacement.

When do I need transmission repairs?

To be CERTAIN that you need transmission repairs, you’ll have to take your vehicle to a transmission specialist or mechanic in Marietta, Georgia. However, there are indications that a sound or an issue you are having is the cause of the transmission.

  1. Shifting Gears
  2. Is there a delay when you’re putting your vehicle into gear?
  3. Do you fall out of gear when you’re driving?
  4. Are you gear shifting for no reason?
  5. Does the vehicle jerk when you’re shifting gears?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are the solution could have to do with repair, replacing, or rebuilding your transmission.

Low Transmission Fluid- Crown Transmission in Marietta, Georgia and the Greater Atlanta Area

Depending on the color and smell, fluids leaking from your vehicle can be a huge sign that it’s time for transmission repairs.


  1. Noises & Movement
  2. Grinding noises or vehicle shaking can be a sign that your clutch has worn down.
  3. Whining, Buzzing, or Clunks noises
  4. Excessive noises when in neutral


Strange or uncommon noises most often have something to do with the transmission, make sure you bring your vehicle to an expert. Many mechanics will give you free diagnostics.

  1. Fluids or Odors
  2. Is your transmission fluid a dark color?
  3. Does your transmission fluid have a burnt smell? When the gears of your vehicle overheat from excessive friction, you can often smell burning when you exit your car.
  4. Is there a red fluid leaking from your vehicle or on your driveway?

Like any other issue, the cause may not be your transmission, but these symptoms commonly indicate that your vehicle needs to be brought in to a shop for transmission repairs. The most common concern when you have determined that your car or truck problems are the cause of the transmission is, “How much are transmission repairs?” or, “What is the cost of transmission repairs?”. The answer depends on a few essential factors.

When is it time for Transmission Repairs in Marietta, Georgia and the Greater Atlanta Area

Only the diagnostic of an experienced master technician can truly determine the cost of your vehicle’s transmission repairs, rebuild, or replacement.


What’s the cost of transmission repairs?

The cost of your transmission repair or repair is varied. Issues can mean complete replacement, light maintenance, or rebuilding of the transmission. However, some components can make it expensive.

Cost Factors

  1. Damage- the cost also depends on the issues or symptoms of your vehicle.
  2. Manual V.S Automatic- automatic transmissions usually cost more to repair or replace.
  3. Make- not only do they make and model affect the cost, when the vehicles been made outside of the U.S you can most certainly expect a higher price for parts.
  4. Year- the age of the vehicle can affect the cost of repairs. Much older cars can have a higher repair cost because they’re parts are harder to find. Newer model vehicle components may be easier to find but more expensive to purchase.
  5. Where- location can significantly affect the cost of your repairs. Areas with a higher cost of living, higher demands for service, or low availability of experienced mechanics can cause a higher price for services.


Transmission Specialist in Marietta, Georgia and the Greater Atlanta Area

The cost of transmission repairs depends on many factors outside of what repairs need to be done.

How much are transmission repairs?

 If you need replacement, the cost depends on whether it’s a used transmission ($800-$1500), a rebuilt transmission ($1100-$2800), or a remanufactured transmission ($1300-$3400). The labor itself can cost anywhere from $500 to $1200 depending on the area, vehicle, and time it takes to replace the transmission entirely.

Rebuilding the transmission tends to cost less but can easily cost just as much. The price change is dependent on how much of the transmission needs rebuilding; necessary repairs can cost anywhere from $300 to $1400.

Replacing, rebuilding, or repairing your transmission can be costly. Many factors contribute to the cost of what repairs your vehicle may need. Depending on you the year, make, and condition of your automobile the investment may not be worth the value. You need to be able to trust the shop you the choice has the experience and integrity to provide you with the best solutions and their legitimate expectations for the cost of repairs.

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