The 5 Worst Transmission Maintenance Mistakes You Can Make

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The 5 Worst Transmission Mistakes You Can Make

Keeping Your Automatic Transmission Healthy and Happy

Written By Cassandra Bondie

Your transmission is the heart of your vehicle, helping you get from place to place safely and efficiently. An automatic transmission is responsible for changing gears, regulating your engine, and guaranteeing an enjoyable driving experience. Because your transmission is essential to the well-being of your vehicle, proper transmission maintenance is of the utmost importance.

Here are the 5 worst transmission maintenance mistakes you can make:

Missing the Transmission Basics

There are several things you can do to improve the health of your transmission from the beginning, including:

  • Checking and changing your fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles
  • Adding a transmission cooler
  • Using synthetic transmission fluid to resist heat, cold, and shearing
  • Towing or hauling the proper weight
  • Installing a transmission temperature gauge to minor while driving
  • Coming to a complete stop before changing gears
  • Checking and improving low tire pressure
  • Changing your transmission filter at service

Missing the opportunity to install or otherwise follow these precautions can lead to a damaged transmission in the future. Perhaps the most important step is the installation of a transmission cooler, which can be helpful in hot climates, for drivers who often stop-and-start on the roadway, and for those with a vehicle that easily overheats.

Transmission Maintenance

Ignoring the Problem

There is absolutely nothing to be gained by ignoring a transmission problem, as it absolutely will not go away without attention, maintenance, and repair. The longer you ignore a possible problem, the more risks your transmission poses to yourself, your family, and other passengers in your vehicle.

The signs of transmission damage include:

  • Loud clunking noises, odd smells, or shaking while driving
  • The inability to properly shift between reverse, park, and drive
  • A prolonged need for regularly scheduled machinate

Improperly Handling Fluid

Many common transmission problems stem from low or bad transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating the many parts of a transmission, cooling these parts, and providing hydraulic pressure.

Low transmission fluid can lead to overheating. Without enough fluid to lubricate the system, the temperature will rise. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to spot excessive heat without an installed temperature gauge – another reason why regular service is essential.

Using the wrong type of fluid or dirty fluid can seriously damage your system. For this reason, you should always have your transmission fluid refilled by an experienced professional.

To prevent these transmission maintenance mistakes, check your transmission fluid often. If you regularly check your engine oil, the process is quite similar. Insert the dipstick and remove it swiftly, checking that your transmission fluid is both full and clean. 

Clean transmission fluid is often a light brown or pink. Instead of looking for dark colors, check for specs or dirt or debris in the fluid. This will indicate whether it needs to be replaced.

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Missing Regular Checkups

As mentioned throughout the article, you should never skip regular maintenance checkups. While your transmission doesn’t need to be serviced as often as the rest of your vehicle, it does require attention.

You may choose to schedule separate appointments for transmission maintenance. You may also elect to have your transmission checked every third or fourth oil change. Some companies offer comprehensive exams, checking all the components of your vehicle before you leave the shop. These are perhaps the best transmission shops, with plenty of experience in keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

Skipping transmission appointments will severely lower the projected lifespan of your transmission. Replacing a transmission, unfortunately, isn’t cheap.

Not Visiting an Experienced Transmission Maintenance Shop

While there are many YouTube channels and videos about transmission maintenance and repair, you should never attempt maintenance without professional assistance. Your transmission is an incredibly complex system, with dozens of possible problems and even more possible solutions. An experienced transmission repair shop will be able to steer treatment in the right direction – saving you money and time in the long-run.

At Crown Transmissions, we’ve seen everything. Contact our team at (770)-956-1344 to obtain a free quote for your transmission maintenance and repair. As always, we offer free multi-check diagnostics, free towing for vehicles within thirty-five miles of our shop, and over two decades of experience serving the Atlanta, Marietta, and surrounding areas.

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