5 Signs of Low Transmission Fluid

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Taking care of your vehicle is important to the life of your vehicle. Crown Transmission is Marietta’s trusted transmission repair shop. Do you think your vehicle may have low transmission fluid? Read on to discover the 5 most telling signs of low transmission fluid.

Does Your Vehicle have Low Transmission Fluid?

Transmission problems are more common than you might expect. Delays in fixing any early warning signs might be because the vehicle owner does not have any idea that there is already something wrong with his/her car or has no knowledge about transmission problems in general. As a vehicle owner, you should know the symptoms of low transmission fluid before something small turns into something bigger. Transmission problems, if left unattended, can get worse and damage crucial components of the vehicle.

Low Transmission Fluid

1. Trouble Shifting Gears

One of the common symptoms of car problems is the abrupt hard shifting of gears. Although this symptom is very common to manual transmissions, it is not just limited to them. Even automatic cars have gears, so, if your car experiences a slight disparity when accelerating, then it is already a sign of transmission problems and low transmission fluid could be the culprit. If you experience a delay or missing response when you shift gears, this is even worse, as it can indicate a failed transmission.

2. Transmission Slipping

Another common issue is transmission slipping. This can be determined if there is a lack of synchronization between the engine and the vehicle. This happens when the engine speeds up and the vehicle fails to respond to it.

Transmission slipping is just one of many common low transmission fluid symptoms that should not be ignored. Not enough fluid means the gears cannot properly engage.

3. Unusual Noise

In general, the transmission of the vehicle should be noiseless. However, in the example of a loose transmission torque converter, this can result in noise that can resemble rhythmic pounding. If you start to hear unusual sounds from your vehicle’s transmission, then it is best to have it checked. Hearing grinding clatter or experiencing hard or erratic shifts when changing gears could be the result of a low ATF.

low transmission fluid

4. Transmission Overheating

Too much heat is a sign that your car transmission is about to fail and can likely be attributed to low or ineffective transmission fluid. Overheating is very dangerous to your car; most transmissions fail because of too much overheating. The fluid temperature should not surpass 200 degrees for the most part.

5. Transmission Fluid Leaks

One of the most obvious signs of low fluids is leaking transmission fluid. The fluid in an automatic transmission is absolutely vital in ensuring that your vehicle’s shifting capabilities are functioning properly and will continue to do so. That’s why it’s always important to check for leaks under your car and in the engine compartment. This fluid is easily recognizable because it is a clear bright red with a sweet smell. If it smells burnt or is a dark color, you have a problem on your hand and can be the result of too little ATF working overtime to compensate.

Learning about the most common symptoms of low transmission fluid can help you know if your vehicle needs professional help. Now that you know about these symptoms, if you experience any of them while driving, you should know it’s best to drive to the nearest workshop and have the problem fixed as quickly as possible. Knowing if your vehicle is having transmission problems and having it fixed earlier will save you from a bigger expense later on.


While there are many YouTube channels and videos about transmission maintenance and repair, you should never attempt maintenance without professional assistance. Your transmission is an incredibly complex system, with dozens of possible problems and even more possible solutions. An experienced transmission repair shop will be able to steer treatment in the right direction – saving you money and time in the long-run.

At Crown Transmissions, we’ve seen everything. Contact our team at (770)-956-1344 to obtain a free quote for your transmission maintenance and repair. As always, we offer free multi-check diagnostics, free towing for vehicles within thirty-five miles of our shop, and over two decades of experience serving the Atlanta, Marietta, and surrounding areas.

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