Transmission Repair – 10 Signs Your Car Needs It!

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Transmission repair needs occur at the worst possible times.  Your driving down Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, on your way to a hot date, when all of a sudden you’re shifting into third gear, and all you hear is grrrrr…. and other grinding sounds, and then the gear doesn’t engage, and now you’re pulled over on the side of the street, with dark red transmission fluid running down the street. And now you’ve missed your future wife and you quite possibly a broken transmission. Don’t take your vehicle to just any  Auto-shop; Take it to Crown Transmission in Atlanta, for the most trusted and reliable transmission repair service in and around Atlanta.  Crown Transmissions has been a part of the Marietta and Atlanta Area community since 1995, we are here to help get your car back on the road, and maybe another date with your future wife.



Transmission Diagnostics

The transmission is one of the most used car parts in your vehicle, wear, and tear and eventual transmission repair may be needed. Paying special attention to the signs of transmission repair is necessary in order to reduce future more costly transmission repair and transmission replacement.


The top ten signs your car is in need of transmission repair are…

  1. Lack of response: As in the scenario above, your vehicle may refuse to go into gear, which is an immediate sign of transmission issues.   In manual transmissions, you may experience that once you shift gears the RPMs go up but the car doesn’t move any faster than in a previous gear. An automatic transmission may see problems like when you change gears from parking to drive there is a delay before the gear engages.
  2. Whining, clunking, and humming and other strange sounds: You can’t ever describe what a transmission sounds like, but there are tons of abnormal sounds that can come from your transmission. As soon as you hear any abnormal sounds from your transmission, then you need to have transmission repair performed immediately, as waiting can cause permanent and irreversible damage to your transmission.
  3. Leaking and or low fluid: A sure sign of transmission problems is a leak. The transmission fluid is literally the lifeblood of the transmission. Transmission fluid is a deep red, and if you see it on the ground, it is time you have transmission repair. Head to Crown Transmissions and have your transmission checked out. Schedule Today!
  4. Burning Smell: A burning smell is always a cause for concern. A burning smell from a transmission is a sign that the transmission fluid is breaking down; the parts will eventually damage the transmission. If you ever experience a burning smell, have transmission repair done immediately in order to forgo a costly transmission replacement.
  5. Refuses to go into gear: If when shifting in a manual transmission and the gear doesn’t go into gear, then you may have a problem, it could just be the transmission fluid, but be sure to take your car into your nearest transmission shop; Crown Transmissions.
  6. Transmission Noisy: If your transmission is in neutral and you hear noises, then you may have worn transmission parts or bearings, you should have professional work done on your car.
  7. Check Engine Light: If the check engine light is on, of course, you may need repair.
  8. Clutch Problems: the clutch disk may fail to disengage the flywheel when the clutch is pressed, this can be considerably less expensive to fix than a complete transmission overhaul. If you have any concerns take your vehicle into a transmission specialist at your earliest convenience.
  9. Slipping Gears: a transmission is supposed to stay in gear unless you change it (manual transmission) or your RPM’s change (automatic transmission) gears that slip out of gear when not needed is not only a serious safety issue but can be a sign of a deeper transmission issue. Get your vehicle into your local transmission shop a.s.a.p. If your car slips out of gear, or you experience any other transmissions issues.
  10. Maintenance: Regular transmission maintenance, including having the transmission fluid changed on a regular schedule is vital to the longevity of your transmission. Seek a transmission specialist in order to preserve the life of your transmission and your vehicle.

Crown Transmissions conducts Transmission Repair and is a car-care supporter

Crown Transmissions has served the metro Atlanta area with their personal and commercial transmission needs since 1995. You can trust our “Certified Experienced Master Technicians” with your automatic and standard transmission repairs for all makes and models.

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