Mastering Transmission Sounds

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Understanding Transmission Warning Sounds

How to Understand the Language of Your Vehicle

Crown Transmissions, located in Marietta GA, is close to Brave Stadium, 75, and 285. Our central location allows our team to work with hundreds of automobile owners in the Greater Atlanta Area. In our decades of experience, we’ve learned many essential things about vehicles and their transmissions. Some of the most important lessons involve Transmission Warning Sounds – and what these sounds mean for the future of your automobile.

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We Know Transmissions

We have been serving the Greater Atlanta Area in both personal and commercial vehicle transmission needs since 1995. Our Certified Experienced Master Technicians are readily available to assist with your transmission repairs and rebuilds for all makes and models. We don’t expect our customers to hand over their savings money, either. Our prices are affordable and we’re happy to work closely with you to meet your individual needs.

For example, we offer free multi-check diagnostics and towing for all repairs within thirty-five miles of our shop. We provide free rentals cars. Our shop has an interest-free payment plan option for ninety days with no credit check required. We guarantee free storage after your repair is complete, assuming you’re enrolled in a payment plan. Finally, we honor our active and retired military members with unique discounts. When you come to Crown Transmissions, you get your money’s worth.

Our team has the privilege of serving Atalnta, Marietta, College Park, Decatur, and the surrounding cities for twenty years. During each decade, thousands of customers have taken advantage of our in-house payment plan. We are proud ATRA (Automatic Transmission REbuilders Association) Members. ATRA promotes professional transmission services.

Now – getting back to our main topic – we might be transmission experts, but we’ve all heard mysterious sounds coming from our vehicles before. If you encounter one of these sounds, should you worry? The safe answer is yes. Because vehicles have become more complex over time, it has become essential that any off noises coming from your transmission are listened to by a qualified and trusted mechanic who can diagnose and resolve the issue as soon as possible. As you hear the sound, pay close attention to speed, engine load, and transmission range. These indicators will help your mechanic determine the more affordable and effective course of action.

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What Specific Transmission Warning Sounds Mean

The following transmission sounds could mean a variety of things and should warrant a visit to your local transmission repair shop:

(1) Whining or grinding noises while you drive. This could mean your planetary gear set is damaged. Automatic transmissions use planetary gear systems. These systems have internal teeth and multiple small gears, allowing for a variety of ratios that can be easily shifted. When the system fails, however, your vehicle can become inoperable due to widespread damage. Therefore, unexpected whining or grinding on the roadway should result in a trip to Crown Transmissions – your go-to transmission shop in the Greater Atlanta Area.

(2) A high-pitched whining noise that worsens when you reverse your vehicle. This noise could mean your transmission fluid filter is clogged. To test the theory, shift into reverse. If the noise becomes more noticeable, it means transmission fluid is being restricted from flowing through the filter. Filters can be clogged in a number of ways, including lodged fragments from automatic transmissions. This can be a symptom of severe transmission damage and should be inspected immediately.

(3) If you own a slightly older vehicle and notice harsh or soft shifting between gears, your TCM may be unable to compensate for excessive transmission wear and tear. TCM, also known as Transmission Control Module, is responsible for monitoring and manipulating the components of your transmission. It should adapt as normal wear and tear builds up. Unfortunately, the TCM cannot keep wear from affecting your vehicle forever. Eventually, you will experience harsh or soft shifting, delayed engagement, and problems when timing shifts.

(4) A constant whining sound that changes in pitch while you drive. This particular noise could suggest that something is wrong with your torque converter. This noise can occur while the vehicle is stationary. It can also stop when your car reaches park or neutral. Understanding the function of a torque converter can help identify the problem, but we suggest seeing a specialist if your vehicle whines often, even when you aren’t driving.

(5) Gurgling noises coming from your transmission. This usually means your transmissions fluid level is low. Check levels or bring your vehicle to the nearest transmission shop. If there isn’t enough fluid to lubricate your system, air pockets interact to create sound. The best indication of low fluid levels is when your transmission falls out of gear when you come to a quick stop or take a hard turn. We highly suggest keeping your vehicle updated with clean transmission fluid.

In Summary

These Transmission Warning Sounds are just a few of the red flags you may encounter on the roadway. We recommend making regular appointments to have your vehicle thoroughly maintained and inspected for possible transmission issues. After all, we rely on our vehicles too harshly to let them go bad in front of our eyes.

At Crown Transmissions, we are closley dedicated to the community and we want to make sure you – and your family – are safe on the road this winter. Schedule your appointment today or call our team at (770)-956-1344 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon regarding Transmission Warning Sounds.

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