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Best Transmission Rebuild Shop in Georgia

Crown Transmissions has been the Best Transmission Rebuild Shop in the state of Georgia since 1995. We have been the shop-of-choice for automobile owners in the Greater Atlanta Area. Why? Because we employ a team of experts that are fully prepared to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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How Transmission Rebuilds Work

A standard transmission rebuild starts with the following steps:

  1. All parts are inspected, disassembled, and thoroughly cleaned.
  2. All friction-lined components are replaced, including clutches and bands.
  3. All seals, brushings, metal or Teflon sealing rings, and gaskets are replaced.
  4. A new or rebuild torque converter is added.
  5. All electrical solenoids and tested, cleaned, and replaced (if necessary).

Of course, there are more steps to the transmission rebuild process. Each vehicle must be personally inspected by our expert technicians to ensure that all problems are repaired properly. Since every vehicle is different, each transmission rebuild must be catered toward the specific needs of your car.

In addition to a standard rebuild, our team is able to upgrade to more durable parts for your system. This will lower the possible rate of failure. We can often find improved parts from our suppliers, who also specialize in transmissions. Upon request, we can install shift improvement kits to address various issues found within certain transmissions. You should note that our standard coverage per transmission rebuild is roughly one year or 12,000 miles – whichever comes first.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Transmission Rebuild

There are a multitude of warning signs that your vehicle may need a transmission rebuild from the Best Transmission Rebuild Shop in Georgia. Let’s start with the obvious.

If your transmission is slipping, meaning you feel as though your vehicle is changes gears for no reason, your transmission may not be functioning properly. You may hear your engine change in pitch or begin to whine. Your car may also seem to be struggling, as though it doesn’t have enough power or can’t accelerate like it should.

Another warning sign involves rough shifts. These shifts feel like your vehicle is refusing to change gears altogether. Sometimes you’ll hear a clunking sound or a thud when the right gear is finally achieved. You may also notice that your car is having trouble getting up to speed.

Perhaps you notice a delay between the moment your car switches into drive and the moment your vehicle starts moving forward. When you shift from Park into Drive, there may be a pause in which your vehicle revs but doesn’t move. This is a significant warning sign that, if noticed, should be inspected by a team of professionals as soon as possible.

If you notice leaking fluid from your transmission, don’t second guess yourself. Bring your car to a shop immediately. You’ll know the fluid is coming from your transmission because it will be bright red, dark red, or brown – rather than clear or blue, like coolant. It will almost feel like your car is bleeding. We don’t suggest refilling or changing your transmission fluid in this situation. Instead, have a professional inspect your transmission to guarantee nothing more sinister is wrong.

Finally, you may notice a transmission warning light in your vehicle. This could also be a “check engine” light. While “check engine” lights don’t always indicate that something is wrong with your transmission, it is always a good idea to check. Visit anywhere with a machine that can read your diagnostic code. This code will be able to tell you where the problem is originating and, sometimes, how to fix it.

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How is Crown Transmissions Different?

Our team is different in a number of ways. We diagnose the cause of failure or correct it. Without correct the cause, repeat failure is highly likely. Whether you need maintenance, repair, or a complete transmission rebuild, we’ll make sure you understand your options and our professional recommendation for your course of action. You should know that most re-manufactured transmissions do not have the most recent updates and parts, even if they have been completed recently.

Crown Transmissions is different because we understand the vehicles of today. Transmissions are now fully electronic, and all manufacturers release regular updates. When rebuilding your transmission, we have the opportunity to apply the most recent update, helping your transmission function better, faster, and longer.

All of these things, when put together, make us the Best Transmission Rebuild Shop in the Greater Atlanta Area – a title that we cherish.

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