Your Guide to Car Transmission Repair

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Your Guide to Car Transmission Repair

Learn From Crown Transmission Experts

Does your vehicle need Car Transmission Repair? We’re here to help at Crown Transmissions, your go-to Independent Transmission Repair Shop in the Greater Atlanta Area for more than twenty years. At our shop, we like to keep our customers involved every step of the way. In this article, we’re going to walk you through the steps of the Car Transmission Repair Process, starting with possible red flags. Let’s get started!
Car Transmission Repair

Step One: Catch Red Flags

Sometimes, your vehicle will attempt to tell you when something is wrong with its transmission. Recognizing a serious problem, however, can be difficult when you aren’t sure what constitutes a genuine problem. Fortunately, we can help identify those warning signs. You might have a severe transmission problem if:

(1) You experience automatic transmission slipping. This may feel like you’re driving in one gear, then your vehicle changes for no apparent reason. You might hear a change in pitch or a whining noise as this event takes place.

(2) Your vehicle feels as though it doesn’t want to change gears. You can hear a clunking sound when the car finally shifts, and it doesn’t want to reach your desired speed.

(3) You’ve noticed a delay in engagement, meaning a few seconds lapse between your vehicle shifting from Park into Drive. Your engine may rev without moving forward.

(4) Your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid. Transmissions should never leak fluid. If you notice a pool of bright red, pink, or brown liquid, visit Crown Transmissions as soon as possible.

(5) Your check engine light has turned on. This might not mean you have a transmission problem, but it’s worth making an appointment to ensure nothing serious is going on.

If you recognize any of these warning signs in your vehicle, start the Car Transmission Repair Process by calling Crown Transmissions at (770)-956-1344.

Step Two: Schedule Your Appointment at Crown Transmissions

Once you’ve determined your beloved vehicle has a serious issue, continue the process at Crown Transmissions. Schedule an appointment online or call our team of experts. If you have a minor concern, schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. If you’ve noticed a major red flag, such as smoking or odd smells, visit our Independent Transmission Repair Shop immediately. We specialize in Transmission Repair, Transmission Replace, and Transmission Rebuild. Not experiencing serious problems? You should still submit to regular oil changes and inspections to ensure your transmission is running smoothly.
Car Transmission Repair

Step Three: Visit Our Car Transmission Repair Experts

During your allotted appointment time, visit our Car Transmission Repair Experts. Our team has decades of personal experience. We come with benefits like free multi-check diagnostics, free towing for auto repairs within thirty-five miles, a free car rental service, and interest-free payment plans. We’re prepared to handle any transmission-related request you might have – and then some. Our Certified Experienced Master Technicians can help with automatic and standard transmission repairs for all makes and models. Don’t believe us? View our ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

Step Four: Choose Your Action Plan

While visiting Crown Transmissions, you’ll need to determine a course of action for your vehicle. Whether you need Transmission Repair, Transmission Replace, or a Transmission Rebuild, we’re prepared to help. We believe that including customers in our decision-making process is essential to success. We’ll provide a list of options. You’ll be tasked with choosing the action plan that best fits your vehicle expectations and your budget.

Step Five: Practice Ongoing Maintenance

Once your vehicle has been repaired, we suggest practicing ongoing maintenance like tune-ups and oil changes. While these may seem expensive and/or unnecessary, they will keep your vehicle functioning smoothly – thus preventing you from visiting our shop more often than you’d like!

Our Experts at Crown Transmissions

A final word of advice? Don’t try to repair your transmission at home! A YouTube Tutorial isn’t the same as decades of experience. To get in touch with our team at Crown Transmissions, call (770)-956-1344 or schedule an appointment online today. You can also fill out the form below. We can provide a free estimate for the repairs on your vehicle. Speak to a live technician seven days a week – and after hours! We look forward to assisting you with your Car Transmission Repair.

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