Does Your Car Need a Transmission Flush?

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Top 5 signs your vehicle needs a transmission flush.

transmission flush

Draining the old used transmission fluid is very good car maintenance

There is much debate out there on if your car needs a transmission flush or not. Your vehicle is one of life’s most important things out there. It’s the only thing that gets you to your job, takes the kids to one of Atlanta’s amazing parks, and carries your groceries for you. You want to take care of your vehicle, so maintaining the proper service on your vehicle is of the upmost importance. Follow our checklist to determine if your vehicle is in need of a transmission flush.


The importance of a transmission flush often goes unnoticed until serious problems arise. It is a process that is important to the health and maintenance of your car, and if done properly, is an excellent preventative maintenance procedure. Check your owner’s manual for the proper maintenance schedule. If you are experience any unfamiliar noises contact Crown Transmission for an inspection of your transmission.


Top 5 signs your vehicle needs a transmission flush


  1. Mileage: most vehicle maintenance manuals suggest that a transmission flush should occur every 30,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual to ensure of the proper maintenance for you vehicle.
  2. Leaking Fluid: If you are noticing any red fluids on the driveway, then you may have a leak somewhere in the transmission. Take you vehicle into Crown transmissions for a full check up. A transmission flush may be done in order to find the leak.
  3. Problems shifting gears: Regardless if you drive an automatic or manual, your car requires clean transmission fluid that flows easily throughout your car’s transmission. A transmission that contains too much dirt or sludge will cause sluggish response in the transmission, which will result in your vehicle changing gears too quickly or too late while driving.
  4. Slipping gears: If you notice that your vehicle slips out of gear, it may be due to not enough transmission fluid in the transmission to stay in the appropriate gear. Having a transmission flush may solve this problem.
  5. Delay in vehicle in the movement: Another sign that your vehicle may have contaminated transmission fluid is when the vehicle stalls for one or two seconds before moving after having been put in gear. If there are no other problems with the transmission, a transmission flush may help.


It is very important to have a transmission flush based on your vehicles specific owners manual. Contact Crown Transmission for a maintenance check up as well as if your vehicle is in need of a transmission flush.

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