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Transmission Rebuilding is not all we do, of course our first step is to preventive care and after that Transmission Repair.

Without a well functioning transmission, the relationship between the engine and the wheels of your car is entirely compromised. A properly maintained transmission is what allows your vehicle to function smoothly—shifting between high and low speeds without out harming the inner-workings of your internal engine.  We specialize in both transmission rebuilding and repairing; in other words, if your vehicle has transmissions problems, we can fix it! What is the big thing with transmission rebuilding versus a new transmission anyway? Well a new transmission is often not necessary and the cost difference can be a determining factor.  Feel free to call us and speak to us about the difference. 

Transmission Rebuilding in Atlanta Area!

Crown Transmissions specializes in “Transmission Rebuilding”

Customer Loyalty:

Here at Crown Transmissions in Atlanta, we’re dedicated to making sure that your vehicle receives all the necessary repairs ( including Transmission Rebuilding) to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.  Started as an independent business in 1995, we believe that our small business structure allows us to give each of our customers the proper time and unique attention needed for all of their transmission problems. Our loyalty lies with our Atlanta customers; we’ve been owned and operated by the same person for 20 years—and we don’t plan on leaving this location any time soon!

Commitment to Senior Citizens:

We understand how frustrating it can be to have a broken transmission– your time is precious, and having to wait all day at a repair shop can be exasperating. That’s why we offer our seniors a special discount on all repairs and rebuilds—we want to thank you for your business and get your vehicle fixed up quickly!

Perks for our Troops:

Crown Transmissions  was founded on principles of service: we are committed to helping those in need by supplying them with an affordable, quality transmission repair service. As a result, we also feel the need to pay it forward to those who serve us—and that starts with our military troops. If you currently serve in the United States military, we’d like to extend a special discount on all of your auto repairs—and we hope you tell your fellow servicemen about the offer as well.

Free Towing up to 35 Miles:

Worried about excessive towing fees? Not with Crown Transmissions! Our services come with a complimentary 35 miles of free towing. We’ll bring your vehicle right to our shop—starting  right away to get you back on the road as soon as possible!


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Transmission Rebuilding in Greater  Atlanta Area!


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