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Have you been searching for a quality transmission repair center in the greater Atlanta area? Are you looking for personalized service, honest technicians, and an enjoyable experience? If so, look no further than Crown Transmissions, based in metro Atlanta.

At Crown Transmissions, we offer quality transmission repair that will exceed your expectations every single time.

Give us a call at (770)-956-1344 or schedule an appointment online today!

When a transmission fails, there are several ways to address the issue. You can have your transmission repaired, replaced, or rebuilt. At our independent repair center, we pride ourselves in our ability to give you an accurate consultation, budget, and plan of action.

When you choose our shop, you’ll never have to wonder if you paid for a transmission replacement when you only needed a transmission repair – or vice versa.

Our quality transmission repair consists of replacing a minimum number of parts to make the transmission operational again. This is far easier and more cost efficient than a rebuild or a replacement.

The vast majority of the time, a repair will fix your transmission and provide years of dependable driving. In the past twenty years, we’ve seen far too many customers who were told they needed a complete transmission rebuild or replacement, when they simply needed a handful of new parts.

Unfortunately, when a transmission failure causes excessive damage, a simple repair may not be enough. In these situations, your transmission must be replaced or rebuilt.

To replace your transmission, you’ll need to find a used or re-manufactured transmission from the vehicle manufacturer. Not surprisingly, however, the quality of used and re-manufactured transmissions has decreased over the years. You could receive a unit that doesn’t work – or a unit that doesn’t have the latest updates.

For these reasons, many customers choose to sell their vehicle or rebuild their transmission.

To rebuild your transmission, our technicians will walk your transmission through the following process:

  • All parts are inspected, disassembled, and cleaned.
  • All friction lined components are replaced.
  • All seals, gaskets, bushings, metal, and/or sealing rings are replaced.
  • A new or rebuilt torque converter is added.
  • All electrical solenoids are cleaned and tested.

How is Crown Transmissions different when it comes to quality transmission service?

Easy. We truly care about your safety and the safety of your vehicle. We work hard to diagnose the root cause of failure and correct it. Without doing this, you will likely experience a repeat failure. We aren’t looking to put a band-aid on the problem. We want to make your vehicle last for many, many years.

And that means getting it right the first time.

Find out why you should choose Crown Transmissions by visiting our specials page and reviews page. You can also learn more about our resources through our official website.

We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you, soon!

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