Does My CAR Have A Transmission Problem?

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DON’T assume,  bring it to Crown Transmissions’

Often clients come in to our service center unsure of the problem their vehicle may be having. A Transmission problem can be easily identified. First, check condition of transmission fluid. If fluid smells burnt & looks dark, you must visit a transmission repair shop immediately. The normal color of transmission fluid should be cherry red for most vehicles.

Some of the most obvious signs of a failed transmission would be NO REVERSE FUNCTION, No forward, Or missing a shift. When your problem is combined with a check engine light on, Do not rush to buy or replace transmission have someone check out your vehicle to retrieve codes. Some vehicles are electronically controlled. A failed electronic such as computer could cause you to think you have a transmission problem.

Noises are usually come in handy when you are trying to figure out what is wrong with our vehicle. Usually a shudder at certain speeds, loud noises when in gear could indicate that your transmission has internal damage, but not always!

Always make sure you have you have your car diagnosed by a transmission specialist such as Crown Transmissions,  to determine if whatever symptom you are experiencing is transmission.

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