5 signs that your car needs a transmission flush

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It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle we drive, as long as we are driving our vehicle; the transmission at some point will need to be serviced. the sooner you bring the vehicle into a qualified automotive specialist,  the greater your chances will be of avoiding the expense of a full rebuild.

In most cases, getting a transmission flush every 30,000 miles, or every two years or so is sufficient. However, there may be times when you need to get a transmission flush sooner, in order to help protect your car’s transmission.

Typically, your vehicle will start to slowly show you that there might be a problem with the transmission, a transmission flush may be the answer.

transmission flush

  1. Problem Shifting Gears:  If your car is refusing to shift smoothly, or if you hear any odd noises like a clunky sound, this may be signs that your transmission needs servicing.
  2. Dark Fluids and Strange Smells:  If you notice any sludge or dark fluids in your transmission, then it might be time  for a transmission flush. When you check your transmission fluid, be aware of the color. If you notice that the fluid has a strange odor, then you should probably get a transmission flush. However, if the fluid has a burned smell, it might be too late to get a flush, as it could damage the transmission.
  3. Surging of the Vehicle:  If your transmission fluid is dirty with grit and grime it may cause your vehicle to want to jump forward or surge.  This is caused by inconsistent flow of clean transmission fluid that is needed to ensure smooth operation of the gears and other moving parts inside the transmission bell housing.
  4. Odd Smells:  If you smell anything strange coming from your vehicle, it’s a sure sign that there may be something wrong with your vehicle, quite possibly you may need a transmission flush.
  5. Fluid underneath your vehicle:  Outside of an engine leak, if your transmission is leaking, you will see a red or pink fluid underneath your car.  A transmission flush will discover where the leak is and one of our transmission specialists will make any necessary repairs to your vehicles.


When a transmission fails, there are multiple ways the issue may be addressed. Knowing your options may help you decide which is the best for you and what is the difference. Furthermore, at Crown we pride ourselves in being able to consult you, based on desired outcome, budget, and various other factors that will determine what the best solution is. Contact Crown Transmissions today for all of your transmission issues.

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