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Think back to the day when you first purchased your car. Whether you bought it new from a dealership or chose an older model, you made a decision to care for and cherish your vehicle. Nobody invests in a car without intending to keep it. And, to keep your vehicle as long as possible, you need to maintain it. Perhaps the most important part of vehicle maintenance is proper transmission care. As Transmission Repair Atlanta Experts, we can help at Crown Transmissions.

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Our Guide to Excellent Transmission Maintenance

It all starts with education. If you don’t know how to maintain your vehicle, you can’t keep a regular maintenance schedule. While you can choose to take your car to professional shop at any time, there are several things you should be able to do from home. These include finding your dipstick, checking your transmission fluid, and taking steps to protect your transmission on the road.

Find your dipstick by looking in the manual for your vehicle. If the manual no longer exists, ask a technician to help. You can also search for the dipstick under the hood.

Check your transmission fluid level by pulling out the dipstick. For most vehicles, this should be done while the engine is running and your transmission is in the “park” position. Wipe your dipstick clean with a towel, then place it back inside. When you pull it out again, look closely at where the fluid line falls. There will be a mark on the dipstick showing where your fluid level should be. You don’t want your fluid to be above or below this line at any time.

Protect your transmission on the road by paying close attention to the language of your vehicle. Every extra shake, odd smell, and grinding gear means something. If you ignore these warning signs, a simple transmission repair could turn into a full-blown transmission rebuild or transmission replacement.

Transmission Repair Atlanta Transmission Diagnostics

Warning Signs of Transmission Trouble

Your vehicle will exhibit strong red flags when something is wrong. Warning signs include refusal to go into gear, a burning smell, slipping gears, a noisy transmission, a dragging clutch, leaking transmission fluid, grinding, shaking, a check engine light, whining, and humming. Your transmission may refuse to respond altogether. In this extreme situation, you should contact a team of Transmission Repair Atlanta Experts immediately.

A normally functioning transmission will easily move from one gear to the other. If you shift manually, using a foot pedal and a stick gearshift, you’ll notice when the transmission refuses to budge. Usually, the source of the trouble is low transmission fluid, although viscosity (thickness) of fluid also plays a role. In both manual and automatic vehicles, you may experience gear slipping. This phenomenon occurs when a car pops out of a specific gear while driving, putting the driver and his or her occupants in serious danger. If your vehicle has trouble with sticking or slipping, see a transmission specialist for necessary repairs.

A noisy transmission could mean a multitude of things. Your transmission fluid might be low. Mechanical problems could require part replacement. Finally, according to, a worn reverse idler gear or worn bearings (coupled with worn gear teeth) could be causing the malfunction. We suggest seeing a specialist if you experience humming, clunking, or whining.

A vehicle’s check engine light is its way of communicating with its occupants. Dozens of under-the-hood issues could trigger the light, including transmission problems. In new cars, sensors throughout the engine pick up irregularities and notify the system computer when something needs specific attention. While you might be unable to determine what the check engine light means without professional assistance, you can ask for help obtaining a diagnostic scan. You can also purchase a diagnostic scan tool of your own. This tool will tell you whether or not you need to have your transmission repaired.

Leaking fluid and uncomfortable movement while driving are both reasons to see a specialist. If your vehicle grinds or shakes, especially when changing gears, there is likely something wrong with your transmission. In an automatic vehicle, you’ll feel the car shimmy into gear. In a properly functioning vehicle, you shouldn’t be able to feel anything at all.

Looking for Transmission Repair Atlanta? Crown Transmissions is happy to help. We offer free multi-check diagnostics, towing for auto repairs within thirty-five miles of our shop, and accurate estimates. Get in touch with our team by calling (770)-956-1344 today.

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