7 Mistakes to Avoid to Save Your Automatic Transmission

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Save Your Automatic Transmission By Avoiding These Mistakes!

Looking to Save Your Automatic Transmission from an untimely death? We completely understand. Automatic transmissions are one of the greatest inventions in the automobile industry. They created a new world for drivers, introducing unprecedented levels of safety on the roadways. Automatic transmissions are favored by both professional drivers and casual drivers. Even though your automatic transmission provides an immense amount of safety, there are some things to keep in mind when you get behind the wheel. These tips will keep you from forcing your transmission into an early grave. They’ll also save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs and ensure your perfectly healthy vehicle continues running smoothly for several years to come.

Save Your Automatic Transmission

If your vehicle isn’t driveable, we can tow up to thirty-five miles for free! (Must Commit to Repair)

Save Your Automatic Transmission By Treating Neutral Mode Properly

Have you ever put your vehicle in neutral while rolling down a hill? You might think you’re being smart – saving energy and gasoline. But you’re actually cutting your oil supply short, ensuring your transmission doesn’t get proper lubrication. This results in significant wear and damage. In other words? Throw this habit away!

Never Rev The Engine Before Switching Gears

We’ve all done it before. It feels exciting, revving the engine. Some drivers even think it helps warm up the engine. However, it gives your transmission a massive shock that leads to ongoing friction between internal components. Avoid this damage at all costs if you want to Save Your Automatic Transmission.

Never Shift Gears When The Car is Moving

Did your driving instructor tell you to switch gears only after your vehicle has come to a complete stop? They were right. Changing gears while the vehicle is in motion causes your transmission components to rapidly change direction, wearing out the gearbox. Instead, use your brakes and come to a complete stop. Going into park without pushing the brakes is also bad for your transmission.

Don’t Switch to Neutral at Red Lights

Sometimes, drivers try to save fuel and protect the driveline by switching to neutral during a red light. This damages your gearbox and risks breaking the locking pin. 

Don’t Drive Too Quickly Without Warming Your Engine

If you really want to Save Your Automatic Transmission, bring it to Crown Transmissions in Marietta, GA. Or, if the vehicle is not driveable, get it towed to our shop. It’s free up to thirty-five miles! Driving hard without warming up the engine will not help your transmission. It’s a blunder, especially in the Atlanta winter season. Even though it’s mild in comparison to our northern neighbors, we hit incredible lows in 2018. During the cold season, oil thickens and moves slowly. Give your vehicle a chance to warm its parts.

Don’t Keep The Fuel Tank Low

An automatic transmission depends on fluid pressure to run smoothly. Fuel also keeps your vehicle cool and lubricated. Keeping the tank on low fluid will wear the parts of your transmission more quickly. Fill up!

Save Your Automatic Transmission

In Closing

If you’re familiar with automatic transmissions, you may find these tips a no-brainer. But every driver needs a crash course on keeping their transmission safe. After all, avoiding these mistakes isn’t difficult – and it will extend the life of your automatic transmission (and your vehicle), keeping you safe on the road and saving you money from ongoing maintenance.

Contact Macy at Crown Transmissions and ask how you can Save Your Automatic Transmission. Book your appointment, read our reviews, and call us today!

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