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Welcome to Crown Transmissions, your local and quality transmission specialist!

At Crown Transmissions, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide safe and reliable service – every single time.

We specialize in transmission repair, transmission rebuild, and transmission inspections. We also provide automobile repair and automobile maintenance at our facility.

No matter what your needs entail, you will feel included at Crown Transmissions. Our team works closely with customers to determine the best plan of action for their vehicle. We have the ability to work within budget and provide decades of expertise. We even take the time to keep you updated on the status of your vehicle repair, so you don’t feel uninformed.

Our personalized experience is hard to beat – especially when you visit chain shops in the greater Atlanta area. As you continue to visit us, we will learn about your personal vehicle one-on-one, making it possible for us to make decisions based on previous issues.

For this reason, we have dozens of local customers who return to our shop on a regular basis. Why do they keep coming back? Because they want to visit a quality transmission specialist. And that is exactly what we offer.

About Our Shop

Crown Transmissions has been a member of the Atlanta community for over twenty years, and remains the first choice for many local families. We provide a reliable transmission center that gives fair estimates based on labor costs, repair, and needed parts. We are also specialized at our craft. Unlike a number of automotive repair shops, we know how to properly repair and/or rebuild a transmission.

We are also a healthy alternative to “do-it-yourself” methods, which usually end in destruction of important vehicle parts. Unless you have been trained in automobile and transmission repair, we are here to fix the problems for you.

Getting the proper diagnosis for your vehicle is essential before any repairs or decisions can be made. We have seen plenty of “do-it-yourself” customers who ended up repairing a transmission that ultimately needed to be rebuilt – and vise versa. By taking the time to visit us, you will receive an expert opinion regarding what your vehicle needs and how much the repairs will cost.

Other added benefits of visiting Crown Transmissions for your transmission and automotive needs include:

  • The ability to speak with a live tech seven days a week
  • Free multi-check diagnostics
  • Towing for all auto repairs within thirty-five miles
  • Car rental services
  • Interest free payment plans
  • Military and senior discounts
  • Ongoing specials

Still not convinced? Visit our reviews page to read what previous customers had to say about their experience at Crown Transmissions. We have a feeling you’ll like what you see.

Your Quality Transmission Specialist

Fixing your vehicle is an intimate experience that should only be shared with someone you trust. We sincerely hope that we can serve as an outlet for that trust, as we already do for many families in the greater Atlanta area.

Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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