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Is your Import Auto Transmission slipping or making an odd noise?

Import Auto Transmission Service and repair -Bimmershops Crown Transmissions

Import Auto Transmission Service & Repair requires a skilled Technician. Some Automobile owners don’t realize that routine transmission service is important to maintaining a vehicle’s health, specifically when you buy a used import car. Crown Transmissions specializes in Automatic Transmission Repair & Rebuild for Import Automobiles and Domestic Vehicles. We can also provide you with regular transmission preventive maintenance services, which can make a huge difference in how your automobile performs. Our transmission specialist will flush out the old transmission fluid, replace the filter, and put new fluid in your vehicle. Transmission fluid has the tendency to break down over a long period of time, causing a lack of cooling and lubrication. Once this happens, vehicles tend to start malfunctioning and break down, which can lead to unnecessary COSTLY transmission repairs. In order to prevent all this from happening, you should take your car in for regularly scheduled transmission service, which will ensure you don’t spend that extra cash on your Import Auto Transmission ( or Domestic Auto Transmission) overhaul. Need a transmission manual for your specific vehicle?



So why can an Import Auto Transmission Service be different?

Crown Transmissions has worked on Import Auto Transmission Issues since 1995, before driving a foreign automobile was a serious trend among Atlanta residents. Audi, Lexus, Acura, BMW, Mercedes and many other car dealerships and independents in Atlanta are benefitting and they are doing a great job marketing their services. However some dealerships and independents are not doing so great when it comes to hiring experienced Import Auto Transmission Mechanics.

Austrian Motors in  West -Midtown Atlanta specializes in Mercedes Repair and Service and is one of the exceptions. The lead mechanic there has been there since 1976 and is an expert when it comes to Mercedes Repair as it relates to older models.

Our lead mechanic has over 30 years in all Import Auto Transmissions and Domestic Transmissions.  

There is a need for extensive knowledge and the know-how when it comes to luxury import Auto Transmission Service and Repair.

In addition, the strong vendor relationship built by Macy, the owner of Crown Transmissions is unmatched and gives Crown Transmissions the ability to obtain reasonable transmission parts. These savings are essential to most customers on a budget and the quality of parts assure the longevity of your transmission.  

Crown Transmission is a local INDEPENDENT Auto Transmission Shop that specializes in foreign and domestic auto transmission repair service, and we are known as the Import Auto Transmission Rebuild Specialist in the Marietta-Atlanta area.


Easy access is provided coming from 75 & 285 and we are located next door to the Dobbins Air-Force base. We are also very near ( 2 miles) from the brand new Braves Stadium. Click Here for directions.


We cannot accept purchased transmissions brought in by customers, for us to install. This is for your protection and ours too. We would not be able to guarantee the Transmission Install, parts or anything else related to your Automobile. Because we don’t want to be liable, we refrain from offering installs of privately purchased transmissions.


We offer Transmission Service for automatic transmissions only. We will properly diagnose any Import Auto Transmission issue that arises with your vehicle. We’re no stranger to specific transmission types as it relates to older and newr models. If you have purchased your Auto at an auction, a pre-purchase inspection might be a good idea. You can be assured that our transmission specialist is going to help you. However, don’t wait until you have serious transmission issues. We do offer free towing for up to 35 miles, given you repair your vehicle with us.

In addition to Import Auto Transmission Service,  Repair and Rebuilds, ( Domestic Auto Transmissions, too) Crown Transmissions offers oil changes, brake repair, some auto maintenance and some standard auto repairs.

Remember Crown Transmissions is primarily a Transmission Shop, which is why we decide on an individual basis if we can help with a specific auto repair that is unrelated to transmission issues or maintenance. Schedule Your Appointment with us.


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