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When your transmission is in need you’re in need of an auto transmission specialist. Crown Transmission is here to help you and your vehicle. Transmissions have evolved over the years from 2-speed transmissions in the 1950’s and 1960’s to computer-controlled four, five and even eight-speed transmissions. This means more technology through computer controls and more mechanical parts all working together. It takes highly skilled technicians to understand and repair these more complex transmissions and the technology is constantly changing so continuous training and advanced diagnostic equipment are also required.

Choose Crown Transmissions for all of your Auto Transmission Needs

Local Auto Transmission Shop Car Maintenance Marietta

Crown Transmissions is your Atlanta Area Auto Transmission Specialist since 1995. Choose Crown Transmissions in 2017. Free towing within 35 miles

Let our family serve you and your family. We understand that an auto transmission problem can often be inconvenient and costly. At our transmission repair shop, we take the frustration and expense out of car repairs. We care about your needs and your budget. You’ll find that our team is honest, friendly, and always dependable.

We pride ourselves on doing every job right the first time and are honest and fair with our pricing. Call or e-mail us to find out more, or simply stop by our shop in Marietta.

Why Choose Crown Transmissions?

Customer Involvement. It’s Your Car So You Get To Decide What’s Done & What’s Not. At Crown Transmissions, the customer always comes first. We don’t make a single move without explaining it in detail, making sure you’re comfortable with our Marietta vehicle transmission repair procedure and the costs and getting your sign-off. There won’t be any surprises with Crown Transmissions Repair; we are upfront and honest about everything we do.

Marietta’s First Choice for Complete Transmission Service

We take pride in the organization and cleanliness of our transmission repair facility. We welcome all of our customers into the shop work area to speak to the technician working on your vehicle. Preventive services and factory recommended services are the key to reliability and longevity of your vehicle. Factory recommended services versus what your vehicle needs can be two different things. Factory Recommended services are just that, recommendations, it doesn’t mean your vehicle actually needs it. We compare your vehicles recommended services with our own free check procedure and come up with a plan that works best and makes sense for your vehicle, saving you money. Call for details. (770) 956-1344

Issues that may arise with your transmission – Call Crown Transmissions

My transmission shifts late, won’t shift or shifts erratic:

 Many of these issues may not be directly related to the transmission and could be the result of something minor due to today’s transmissions being computer controlled. Speed sensors or electrical connections could be at fault. If you’re facing transmission issues contact us today to schedule your free diagnostic check.

My vehicle makes a funny noise

Many noises can be the result of something minor, like low fluid levels, loose brackets, bad mounts, cracked heat shields, or loose bolts holding important components. Identifying these simple issues can prevent serious problems from occurring. Call us for details on scheduling a free check procedure, we check all the simple things first saving you time and money.

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