A Rebuilt Transmission Will Save You Money

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Atlanta: Are You Facing a Broken Transmission, A Rebuilt Transmission Is More Cost Effective Than a New Transmission.

a rebuilt transmission is cheaperWe’ve been conditioned to think that new is always better.  A shiny new car, or new glasses are things that we have been accustomed to.  But what if your transmission goes out on your slick back 1967 Ford Cobra Mustang. You’re driving around downtown Atlanta, and your hear that awful grinding of gear and then your third gear doesn’t engage…”oh god, now what?” You have two choices, get a new transmission, or a rebuilt transmission.  At Crown Transmission in Atlanta we specialize in rebuilding transmissions.  

The Concept of Purchasing a New Transmission Is A Myth.

Your vehicle will benefit more by have a rebuilt transmission over a new transmission. When you purchase a car, the transmission and the engine were made for each other.  In other words the the vehicle is built with the specific gears and and rings that work best for that specific vehicle, when you have your transmission rebuilt you have a much lower risk of causing any harm to the engine.  The transmission will operate more effectively with a rebuilt transmission. If you are facing the question should I replace my transmission or have the transmission rebuilt, then contact Crown Transmissions, and we will give you the best solution to your specific cars needs.

A “New Transmission” is Typically a “Factory Rebuilt Transmission”

According to Jacques Ritchot of the Winnipeg Mister Transmission says a new transmission can be misleading:

“Most new transmissions are actually rebuilds. Only a few manufacturers sell fully new, like Audi and a few others, but none of the domestics. It might be a factory rebuilt transmission, but it’s not new.”

Be wary when a shop tries to sell you a new transmission.  Crown Transmission ensure that we do every single transmission rebuild to the highest standards set by ARTA.  Crown Transmissions is a ARTA certified repair shop that maintains the Golden Rule: The Golden Rule Warranty is a nationwide inter-shop warranty plan issued and serviced by authorized ATRA members in good standing. ATRA is the largest network of automatic transmission repair shops in the world, making the Golden Rule warranty the most widely accepted warranty of any chain or franchise. The ATRA Golden Rule warranty is warranted by the original repairing member shop.   

Having Your Transmission Rebuilt Will Save You Money.

The average new transmission can cost upwards of $3500.  With a rebuilt transmission you can expect to save at a minimum of $1000.  That’s a lot of money.  Crown Transmission can assure you that your transmission will be running smoothly and just like new.

If you believe that you may be in need of a rebuilt transmission, trust the experts at Crown Transmissions.  We service Atlanta and Marietta with a variety of different services, such as diagnostics, transmission repair and transmission rebuild.

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Crown Transmissions  has been serving the metro Atlanta area with their personal and commercial transmission needs since 1995. You can trust our “Certified Experienced Master Technicians” with your automatic and standard transmission repairs for all makes and models.

Same Location & Same Owner Since 1995 :

For the last 20 years, we have had the privilege to serve the Atlanta , Marietta , Smyrna , Jonesboro , Riverdale , College Park, Decatur and surrounding cities.

For the past two decades , thousands of our customers have taken advantage of our in-house payment plan, to pay for their car repairs.

We offer FREE TOWING with all Auto repairs within 35 miles of our Location in Marietta.

We are proud to be ATRA Members. ATRA  is the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, promoting professional Transmission Shops and protecting consumers from “NON Expert” Auto Repair Centers.

https://www.crowntransmissions.com/www.atra.comClick here link to read more about Rebuilt Transmissions

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