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Experiencing Transmission Failure?

If you are currently experiencing transmission failure, you need to get in touch with our expert technicians at Crown Transmissions as soon as possible!

At Crown Transmissions, we pride ourselves in our ability to assist you with even the most difficult transmission needs.

First you should know the warning signs of serious transmission problems.

These signs include a lack of response, whining, clunking, humming, low fluid, grinding or shaking, a burning smell, a refusal to go into gear, a check engine light, slipping gears, a dragging clutch, and an overall noisy transmission.

If any of these problems are taking place when you drive your vehicle, you should bring your automobile to Crown Transmissions for an immediate diagnostic exam. We will keep you updated throughout the process, suggest the best plan to repair your vehicle, and execute that plan in a timely (and efficient) manner that doesn’t break the bank.

Other warning signs of transmission failure include strange smells, odd sounds, and a delay in movement. Again – if you experience these warning signs, you should have your vehicle inspected immediately.

What Crown Transmissions Has To Offer

Based in Marietta, Crown Transmissions has been an integral part of the community since 1995. Over the past twenty years, we’ve served the greater Atlanta, Marietta, Jonesboro, Riverdale, Decatur, and College Park areas.

Our repeat customers love our ongoing benefits. Don’t believe us? Read their honest reviews.

We offer a unique in-house payment plan, free towing for all auto transmission repairs within thirty-five miles of our shop, free multi-check diagnostics, the ability to speak with a live technician seven days a week, senior and military discounts, and a free car rental service.

For more information about these services or to schedule an appointment, call our office at (770)-956-1344.

The Importance of Transmission Repair

At Crown Transmissions, we consider transmission repair to be an incredibly important part of owning a vehicle. At our shop, we handle transmission repair, transmission rebuild, and transmission diagnostics. 

Thinking about leaving your transmission without repair? Concerned about the costs associated with a complete repair? This is a common concern – but it usually has a poor outcome.

Here are some common problems that you can’t ignore.

(1) Transmission shifting. This could mean a breakdown of mechanics. The longer you wait, the more expensive the repair.

(2) Delayed engagement. This could put you (and your family) in danger on the roadway

(3) Leaking fluid – especially if the fluid is bright red. Do not fill your transmission fluid alone. Overfilling can cause even bigger problems.

(4) Rough shifts. This could mean your car has a problem getting up to speed on the interstate or freeway.

(5) A transmission warning light, which could mean you have a general transmission problem.

Ignoring these warning signs could put you – and others – in danger. Don’t let your transmission failure control your life. Give Crown Transmissions a call. As your one-stop repair shop, we can fix the problem and have you moving again as soon as possible.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

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