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When a transmission fails, there are multiple ways the issue may be addressed, transmission service or transmission replacement. Knowing your options may help you decide which is the best for you and what is the difference. Furthermore, at Crown we pride ourselves in being able to consult you, based on desired outcome, budget, and various other factors that will determine what the best solution is.

Transmission Repair

A transmission repair consists of replacing the minimum amount of parts to make the transmission operational, rather than a rebuild or replacement. When failure causes too much damage within the transmission, repair may not be an option.  However, for many transmission malfunctions, a repair is all that is needed to get many more dependable miles of service. We have had many customers over the last 20 years that were told they needed a new transmission, when in all realty all they needed is a simple repair.The type of transmission failure and the number of miles desired from the vehicle will help to determine if a transmission repair is the best option or if transmission replacement is appropriate.

Transmission Replacement:

If the transmission is damaged too badly for repair, there is the option of replacing.  This could be a used or re-manufactured transmission (from the vehicle manufacturer)

A good scenario for installing a used transmission, is to simply get the vehicle operational in order to sell or trade.

Re-manufactured Transmissions

Often dealerships offer this option instead of a rebuild. Re-manufactured transmissions are mass-produced by the vehicle manufacturer. In recent years, the quality of these transmissions have declined and it is not uncommon to receive one or two units that do not work, before getting one that does. Often internal electrical parts are not replaced in the re-manufactured transmissions. Although the manufacturers  include a warranty, they can be difficult to work with when faced with warranty claims.  A re-manufactured transmission may not include the latest updates and may have been sitting on a shelf for months or even years before use.

Transmission Rebuild:

The definition of a transmission rebuild standard would be the following:

  • All parts are inspected, disassembled and cleaned.
  • All friction lined components replaced (Clutches and Bands).
  • All seals, gaskets, bushings, metal and/or Teflon© sealing rings replaced.
  • A new or rebuilt torque converter is replaced with a new or rebuilt converter.
  • All electrical solenoids cleaned and tested or replaced.

In addition to a standard rebuild, parts that can come with a high rate of failure, we upgrade to more durable parts. Often improved parts are available from our suppliers that specialize in transmission parts. Upon request we can install shift improvement kits to address various issues found with certain transmissions. Our Standard Coverage for transmission rebuild is 12 month /12,000 miles

Why Crown is different when it comes to all Transmission Service:

First we diagnose the root cause of the failure and correct it. Without correcting the root cause, repeat failure is likely. We will make sure when you are a committed customer at “Crown Transmissions,” that all  “Transmission Service”, repair, replacement or rebuild, is done right the first time. We will keep you informed along the way, so you will know why whatever transmission service is recommended is the best option for you.

Most re-manufactured transmissions do not have the most recent updates and up to spec parts, even if they were done a few months earlier. Considering today’s transmissions are fully electronic and all vehicle manufacturers put out new updates almost daily. When rebuilding we will have the opportunity to apply and use the most recent update which make a transmission function better and last much much longer.